About Snapinfo

Snapinfo specializes in providing prebuilt and custom mobile apps to Museums. We have developed best-in class features that you can leverage to provide great service to your visitors. Our mobile apps leverage full capabilities of native apps on iOS and Android platforms, and can be easily managed by our do it yourself web platform. Our mobile apps are affordable because we develop the code once and sell it to all our clients. With our solution, you provide same great experience to your visitors whether they are on iPhone or Android.

Rich Features

You can only develop so many features in a custom developed app without spending a fortune. We provide rich set of features out of box. You pick and choose the ones that you want to provide to your visitors.


You don’t have to hope that features will work as specified in the custom app that your vendor will develop. Our features are prebuilt, tested and ready to go.

Quick time to Market

With prebuilt apps, you don’t need to spend months to develop a custom app. Since the functionality is already developed, the app can be released as soon as data is entered in the app.


We can provide apps inexpensively as the same code is shared among our multiple clients. Unlike custom apps, we don’t need developers dedicated to your project for months.

Update Content Anytime

With our cloud hosted platform, you can update content anytime and changes will be reflected in mobile apps immediately. No need for users to download large data file to update content.


You can customize application workflow anytime without any programming and it will be reflected in mobile application right away. You can choose how your visitors navigate the application or which options they see.