Advantages of Using iBeacon Technology in Car Dealerships

1. Affordable, Accessible and Scalable Technology iBeacon solution is simple and affordable to implement in car dealerships. Its scalable technology...

1. Affordable, Accessible and Scalable Technology

iBeacon solution is simple and affordable to implement in car dealerships. Its scalable technology can easily be incorporated into existing marketing strategy since it requires only signal emitters, mobile app, and a management platform to operate.

2. Location Agnostic

iBeacon technology can be implemented both inside the dealership showrooms and outside in the sales lots. Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE, works at any location, indoors or outdoors and does not require Internet connection to send out signal.

3. Battery Friendly for Mobile and Beacon Devices

Beacon devices run on coin batteries, without any external power supply. Batteries can simply be replaced when they run out of power, usually several years after device activation. Beacons owe their long battery life to Bluetooth Low Energy protocol which uses very little power for sending and receiving data, much less than other technologies, such as GPS for instance. Beacon battery life can be prolonged even further with night time mode and battery extension modes, both of which regulate signal frequency and range.

4. Conveys Specific, Customized Deals to Customers

iBeacon technology allows you to take a more customized approach to vehicle purchasing by tailoring promotions to appeal to individual shoppers. Your marketing messages can be customized according to any relevant criteria, such as the customers’ current location in your dealership, their previous purchase history, loyalty profile, brand preferences and more.

5. Helps Customers Navigate around the Dealership

iBeacon helps customers find their way to your dealership from as far as 230 feet, and quickly find the vehicles that interest them. It can be used for navigating through the showroom and the sales lot, finding particular vehicles, locating desired car products and accessories, and finding the sales office. Navigational assistance can be delivered in the form of interactive maps with that track user’s movement through the dealership and deliver turn-by-turn instructions accordingly.

6. Significantly Improves Shopping Experience

iBeacon technology has revolutionized and redefined the in-store purchase experience. It has become more streamlined, getting customers quickly oriented to the dealership and responding directly to their interests. It is more personalized than ever, as customers can be addressed by their names and offered highly individualized deals based on their preferences and previous interactions with the dealership. The purchase experience is digitally-augmented and smart, with detailed information readily available at every step of the customers’ purchase journey.

7. Efficiently Avoids “Showrooming”

Prospective customers have become used to researching and shopping online through their mobile phones while at a dealership. They locate competitive stores, check prices, read reviews (of cars and dealers), and check competitive inventories. They are less likely to close a deal and more likely to visit other dealer lots within a short time period, possibly drawn by lower prices or good customer reviews on the other dealer’s site. As a result, dealers lose profit and consumers have little loyalty to any particular store. Thanks to directed information and personalized incentives delivered to shoppers’ mobile phones on site, showrooming shoppers remain at your sales lot for a longer time. They remain constantly engaged and keep moving towards a sale.

8. Unobtrusively Gathers Feedback from Customers

iBeacon system gathers feedback from consumers in a non-intrusive way. It enables dealers to collect real-time information on shoppers’ walking paths, decision time, brand interest and decisions, as well as engagement with the mobile app. The management platform then organizes and translates this information into valuable insights that can guide dealership’s future sales and marketing strategies.

9. Increases Sales

With a growing number of shoppers who are accustomed to using mobile phones in every stage of their purchase cycle, iBeacon location-based services are key to increasing your dealership’s revenue. They create a unique customer experience that directly impacts purchase decisions. iBeacon data analytics, available through the management platform, help increase bottom-line sales by determining causes of leaving the dealership without closing a deal and detecting potential problems in dealership layout, which can then be remedied.