Advantages of Using iBeacon Technology in Museums and Art Galleries

1. Affordable, accessible and scalable technology iBeacon technology is a practical, scalable and cost-effective marketing solution which meets the unique...

1. Affordable, accessible and scalable technology

iBeacon technology is a practical, scalable and cost-effective marketing solution which meets the unique needs of museums and art galleries. It spares curators from the complex allocation, management and updating of audio guides and at the same time creates a next-generation customer experience based on its micro-location functionality. Visitors can now have expanded access to exhibits and works of arts, as well as to timely information about schedules, viewing hours, fees, discounts, group tours and special events.

2. Location agnostic

Versatile iBeacon technology can be implemented anywhere; it functions well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Beacon devices are housed in waterproof casings to operate safely in outdoor exhibition grounds to provide detailed descriptions of outdoor sculptures and statues, or to offer discounts at fairground booths. Conveniently, the museum or art gallery need not maintain an Internet connection at the exhibit site in order for beacons to operate. All the promotions and information are pulled by from the Internet access on visitors’ smartphones.

3. Battery friendly both for mobile and beacon devices

Beacons operate using regular coin batteries and do not require any external power supply. They enjoy an effective lifespan of several years in duration and arrive with nighttime mode and power modes that can extend their operational lifespan up to 50%. These power modes adjust broadcasting ranges and advertising intervals to optimize power consumption. Bluetooth Low Energy transmissions will also have very little impact to your visitors’ smartphone battery lifetime.

4. Provides a rich user experience

iBeacon solution turns venues into interactive smart spaces by using cutting-edge technology to interact with classical art. Visitors can now travel through a museum or a gallery using a smartphone app that functions as a personal tour guide. It provides highly relevant content and individually tailored promotions in a timely manner. No more searching through an audio tour to find the right section, content appears directly on visitors’ smartphone screens as they view displays. They can now instantly read and watch content to learn more about a particular exhibit and even receive personalized viewing suggestions without having to search through the brochures.

5. Engages visitors

iBeacon technology centers around customer behavior in real time. This key feature enables venue owners to build genuine relationships with customers and engage with them more directly. By entertaining and enticing visitors to explore the museum or art gallery, the institution helps spark visitor interest and enhance customer experience. This process increases satisfaction levels and builds customer loyalty, which in turn increase customer retention.

6. Gathers feedback from visitors in a non-intrusive way

iBeacon technology also enables museums and art galleries to collect useful statistical information about visitors. By analyzing this data carefully, an institution gains the ability to refine promotional efforts even further, in order to enhance its objectives and better fulfill its unique institutional mission. iBeacon solution allows curators and staff members to:

  • Discover which displays attract the most visitors;
  • Learn how foot traffic flows through a facility;
  • Gain insights into the best placements for specific exhibits;
  • Promote related gift shop items directly to visitors who spend time at particular displays;
  • Obtain insights into the most effective ways to expend the institution’s advertising and promotional budget by reviewing customer feedback.