Advantages of Using iBeacon Technology in Retail Stores

1. Affordable, accessible and scalable technology iBeacon technology is simple and affordable way to promote goods and services within a retail...

1. Affordable, accessible and scalable technology

iBeacon technology is simple and affordable way to promote goods and services within a retail environment, especially for retail startups. It allows for a scalable and flexible deployment and can easily be incorporated into the existing marketing strategy.

2. Location agnostic

Your store can employ iBeacon solution wherever you desire promotional assistance. It functions both indoors, outdoors and in underground facilities such as basements. Beacon devices can be conveniently placed anywhere in the store or attached to any surface with special adhesive tape in the back. Conveniently, they do not require an Internet connection to operate at your retail unit.

3. Battery friendly both for mobile and beacon devices

iBeacon system relies on Bluetooth Low Energy transmissions which use very little power. This means your new beacons will be able to operate for a considerably long time before you’ll be required to replace their batteries – up to several years. What’s more, beacons arrive equipped with special power modes that can extend their battery life up to 50% by adjusting night time mode, broadcasting range and advertising intervals, which dictate power consumption. Bluetooth Low Energy transmissions will also have very little impact to your shoppers’ smartphone battery lifetime.

4. Conveys specific, customized deals to shoppers

Cutting edge iBeacon technology allows you to take an individualized approach to retail shopping. You can now establish highly-customized communication based on your shopper’s real-time location in the retail store, the time they arrived at the store or how long and where they have been at the store, their preferences, in-store purchase history or loyalty profile. Delivering the right message or discount to your customers at the correct time will help spur their purchasing interest and make certain they never miss out on your sales again.

5. Helps customers navigate their way around the store

Your new iBeacon system assists shoppers in locating merchandise and services of interest to them more easily. It uses interactive maps with real-time location tracking and easy turn-by-turn navigational directions that help your shoppers find their way through a busy retail area. They will no longer experience problems navigating through the aisles, finding discounted items, or locating changing rooms and checkout counters.

6. Improves shopping experience significantly

Your customers will enjoy shopping when you provide iBeacon technology to assist them. It will eliminate waiting in a line at an info desk or calling upon sales representatives who often can’t respond to all the requests for assistance. You’ll enhance customer’s shopping experience by making this process:

  • Highly personalized
  • Streamlined
  • Smarter
  • Interactive
  • Stress-free
  • Fun!

7. Efficiently avoids “showrooming”

Retailers often express frustration that an increasing number of shoppers seeks product information and prices from another retailer’s website while browsing in their stores. This process reflects a lack of consumer loyalty to any particular retailer. Thanks to incentives delivered directly to shoppers’ mobile phones, they will be incentivized to spend more time in the store and interact with your brand. This will help you mitigate “showrooming” and foster a stronger, healthier business relationship with your customers.

8. Gathers feedback from consumers in a non-intrusive way

Retailers normally obtain insight into shopper behavior only at the checkout counter when sales representative scan purchased items and loyalty cards. However, iBeacon solution enables retailers to gather data on in-store shopping before the purchase, in real time. The mobile app collects aggregate information about shoppers’ actions and navigation within the store, which is then translated into valuable marketing insights that can guide future sales strategies.

9. Increases sales

With a growing number of shoppers who rely on mobile phones in every stage of their purchase cycle, iBeacon location-based services are key to increasing your store’s revenue. They stimulate sales by redefining shopping experience for customers who are contemplating purchasing items within your store. iBeacon data analytics further assist your marketing efforts by helping you to determine the causes of customer’s decision to leave the store without making a purchase, as well as to detect and correct potential problems with merchandising layouts.

iBeacon technology promises to revolutionize and redefine the retail shopping experience. Get a head start on deploying this groundbreaking marketing tool in your store today!