Advantages of Using iBeacon Technology in Shopping Malls

1. Affordable and scalable technology iBeacon technology offers shopping malls a highly effective and affordable marketing solution. Low-cost and low-energy...

1. Affordable and scalable technology

iBeacon technology offers shopping malls a highly effective and affordable marketing solution. Low-cost and low-energy beacon devices that the technology relies on are particularly convenient for large deployments. The technology can be implemented in a scalable and flexible way to make sure it integrates seamlessly with other marketing tools.

2. Location agnostic

iBeacon solution can furnish marketing assistance in any desired part of the shopping mall. Beacon devices can easily be attached to any surface and do not require Internet connection to operate.

3. Battery friendly, both for mobile and beacon devices

iBeacon communication takes place through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol. As the name says, Bluetooth Low Energy requires very little battery power to broadcast and receive data. This allows beacons to run off a single coin battery for up to a few years. Beacon battery life can be extended even further by adjusting settings which have a direct impact on power consumption, namely night mode, broadcasting intervals and signal range. BLE transmissions will also have very little impact to shoppers’ smartphone battery lifetime.

4. Conveys specific, customized deals to mall shoppers

iBeacon technology ensures a highly customized approach to shopping. It leverages shoppers’ preferences and demographics, their real time location in the mall and other precisely defined criteria to tailor shopping experience to needs and wants of individual customers. It delivers valuable content to shoppers’ smartphones at exactly the right time, in precisely the right place and within the right context.

5. Helps customers navigate around the mall

Visitors to large retail complexes appreciate navigational assistance with locating stores and important public facilities, such as toilets, baby-changing rooms and elevators. iBeacon system utilizes interactive maps that track shoppers’ location in real time and direct them to desired locations through simple turn-by-turn navigational directions.

6. Significantly improves shopping experience

iBeacon technology promises to revolutionize shopping experience. It creates a digitally enhanced and highly interactive commercial environment where customers are engaged with personalized information and promotions in real time. Thanks to this cutting edge marketing tool, shopping is moving towards becoming smarter and more streamlined than ever before.

7. Gathers feedback from customers in a non-intrusive way

The mobile app collects information on visitors’ actions and navigation through the mall in a very discreet way. The information is then processed through the management platform and organized into visually comprehensive formats, such as heatmaps. Getting insight into this data helps mall management to predict foot traffic, detect the most effective locations for beacons installation, as well as discover reasons behind poor customer engagement and low purchase rates.

8. Increases sales

iBeacon technology increases sales by redefining shopping experience and assisting shoppers in reaching educated point-of-sale decisions. Customers who obtain timely access to information generally move towards purchase faster. iBeacon analytics data further assists sales growth by helping malls make strategic business decisions that will drive higher conversion rates.