Bringing Museums to Life

Bringing Museums to Life

We all love a trip to the museum. It’s cheap, fun, educational and keeps the kids entertained on even the rainiest day. But what do you do when one civil war musket begins to look much like the next? And how can these age old institutes hold our focus in a world where everything is instantly available online?

To engage with the tech-savvy Generation Y, more and more museums are turning to mobile technology to help augment static displays and timeworn exhibits. From the purpose built game revolutionizing Paris’s Louis Vuitton Foundation to out-of-the-box solutions like Snapinfo, bringing museums to life has never been so easy. Flexible, engaging and creative, mobile technology is helping to personalize the visitor experience. Tourists can access information as text, pictures, audio or video guide, children can play their way around museum with interactive tour, and parents can check museum map or the cafe menu directly from their smartphones.

The advantages these innovative solutions offer to schools, in particular, is profound. With the ability to shape the learning experience and tailor it to the needs of individual groups; art galleries and museums can highlight specific aspects of their displays. They can present learning institutes with the opportunity to focus on one facet of an exhibit – the symbolism of Picasso’s work or the techniques behind cubism, for example. Museums can complement multiple curriculums with the same exhibit, and they can provide individuals a chance to experience a collection from different viewpoints.

With solutions like Snapinfo, which let visitors access a wealth of media and information straight from their smartphones, museums can supplement collections with content visitors might never otherwise see. Visitors can watch archive footage on their mobile devices, see exhibit items in use, listen to interviews with experts, or explore newsreels from the past. With Snapinfo, museums can bring history to life, engage children in an entirely new way whether they are in the museum or in the classroom and make sure our nation’s greatest treasures are as loved by the next generation as they are by ours.

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