How Easily Can Customers Find Merchandise in Your Store?

How Easily Can Customers Find Merchandise in Your Store?

When Walmart opened its doors in the 1960s, it popularized an emerging shopping trend. Gone were the sales staff hovering behind a counter, eagerly reaching for the products you asked for. Instead, customers now found themselves freely roaming the aisles. Today, we enjoy browsing and discovering new products, even at times we bemoan our inability to find the products that we are looking for. With retail outlets getting bigger, and the products stocked more diverse, getting to over hundred thousand SKU items for large retailers, it’s up to retailers to ensure that their customers can find the products that they are looking for.

It’s a problem the retail industry has been working to solve for years. From help buttons on the walls to high-tech robots, retailers big and small have tried to tackle the issue. Help buttons on the wall are resource intensive. It pages customer service desk who in turn announces over the PA system that a customer is requesting help in a specific aisle. Robots on the other hand require huge capital investment.

But how about using customer’s smartphone as a store guide? Your customers are already using maps on their smartphones to find directions to places of interest. How about using the same paradigm to help them find merchandise within your store by showing them the location of merchandise on the store map.

Leveraging Apple iBeacon technology, Snapinfo beacons are small and unobtrusive designed to interact directly with customers’ smartphones. Visitors can use their smartphones to find the location of a product with Snapinfo app dropping a pin in a map to take them there.

Functional straight out-of-the-box, Snapinfo Beacons can be easily updated from your computer. The battery life of individual Beacons lasts well beyond a year, and this low maintenance solution doesn’t require customers to have prior knowledge of the system to use it. The Beacon Proximity Notification feature can send alerts directly to visitors as they enter the store, informing them of your latest products by way of a standard message. You can even send targeted discounts and offers to users as they pass by specific products, or enhance their shopping experience with videos and buying guides. Yes, Snapinfo can help customers track down merchandise simply and easily, but it can do so much more besides.

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