iBeacon Solution for Car Dealerships

iBeacon is Apple's wireless standard that enables communication with nearby mobile devices and has the ability to resolve customer’s location...

iBeacon is Apple’s wireless standard that enables communication with nearby mobile devices and has the ability to resolve customer’s location in a store within inches. iBeacon communication takes place between a broadcaster (a beacon device) and a receiver (an iOS or Android device with an installed app), through Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, also known as Bluetooth Smart.

Beacons themselves are small electronic devices powered by cell-coin batteries. They have an adjustable signal range of maximum 230 feet and a battery life that extends up to several years.

Each beacon emits signal that announces its presence. When a customer walks in the proximity of a beacon, its signal triggers the app installed on the customer’s smartphone. This process enables the delivery of personalized offers and vehicle information to the customer’s smartphone screen.

How It Works

Within the dealership, iBeacon devices are placed in strategic locations such as the entry, or within different areas such as the showroom or a sales lot. To ensure the best marketing performance, optimal placement is usually carefully considered under the guidance of an iBeacon deployment specialist.

After beacons are in place, you are ready to start designing marketing campaigns through a user-friendly iBeacon management console. Delivery of marketing content can begin once customers install the dealership’s app and enable Bluetooth on their mobile devices. This process allows the app to listen for the beacon signals and respond to them. When a signal is detected, it initiates the delivery of content to the users’ smartphone screens.

Performance of each marketing campaign can be precisely calculated from the data collected by the management console. The console gives insight into customers’ interaction with the dealership environment and their responses to the promotions they were targeted with.

Use Cases

  1. Invite customers to the showroom or the sales lot when they are passing by with an announcement of new vehicles, newest model features, or special unadvertised offers and promotions;
  2. Guide customers to vehicles or automotive products that interest them. After tapping on a vehicle image or department name, they can be directed through the dealership by interactive maps and turn-by-turn instructions;
  3. Push out unique personalized offers or discounts to the customers’ smartphones;
  4. Furnish detailed vehicle information;
  5. Provide information on financing a vehicle purchase, or details on a car leasing option;
  6. Enable customers to request a sales assistant’s help, pass on a contact request, or request a test drive appointment;
  7. Stimulate customers to shop more frequently with a customer reward system that awards points for walking into the dealership, purchasing parts and accessories, or having recommended service performed at the dealership.


  • iBeacon is an affordable, accessible and scalable technology that can be deployed for global or national dealership chains or individual specialty dealerships.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy is a very battery-friendly technology. The smartphone app in background mode consumes very little power, and beacon transmitters can attain a battery life of several years.
  • iBeacon technology is location agnostic and can be utilized anywhere. A beacon’s location awareness is centered on the device itself so that the devices can be attached to a wall, a rack of wheel designs, displays, or individual cars.
  • iBeacon solution allows you to convey specific, customized offers to car shoppers based on prior sales, current car ownership, loyalty programs, or interest in a particular vehicle during the visit.
  • By means of special offers and discounts targeted to the current visit, iBeacon technology efficiently avoids “showrooming” where a customer compares prices, payment options, offers and inventory at competing dealers while on your lot.
  • iBeacon can help dealership customers navigate around large sales lots.
  • It gathers feedback from customers in a non-intrusive way from their prior purchases and through their interactions with beacon devices deployed throughout the dealership.
  • iBeacon solution drives sales by attracting customers onto the dealers lot, by providing immediate access to detailed information about cars of interest, and providing competitive offers and promotions that lead to the gratification of a successful sale.