iBeacon Solution for Museums and Art Galleries

iBeacon is Apple's cutting-edge, micro-positioning wireless standard. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmissions to contact and locate nearby mobile devices running...

iBeacon is Apple’s cutting-edge, micro-positioning wireless standard. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmissions to contact and locate nearby mobile devices running on iOS and Android platforms. This innovative technology promises to automate and streamline the daily operations of your art institution as well as to enhance the experience of your visitors.

Find Out How it Works

iBeacon communication occurs between a broadcaster – a beacon, and a receiver – a smartphone with an installed application. What are beacons? Essentially, they are small, battery-powered devices that broadcast signal. Beacons are deployed to strategic locations in the facility, after which marketing campaigns are designed through a management platform. As visitors explore areas of interest within your facility, their Bluetooth enabled smartphones with the installed app will listen for beacon signal. When they enter within the signal range, the transmission between a stationary beacon and the smartphone app will trigger delivery of content directly to their mobile device.

Some Illustration of iBeacon System in Action

How can iBeacon assist curators and their staff members? Just consider some of the tasks this new technology handles:

  • Automating ticket purchase;
  • Directing visitors’ attention to new artwork;
  • Providing visitors with interactive guidance about collections;
  • Displaying detailed information about individual pieces of artwork.
  • Enabling visitors to request expert assistance on demand;
  • Allowing bookmarking of exhibit data for later reference;
  • Engaging visitors with interactive games connected with the exhibit displays;
  • Remaining connected with visitors even after their visit, turning one-time attendance into ongoing support for your institution.

By helping automate and streamline many functions, iBeacon helps reduce overhead without sacrificing the provision of vital assistance to visitors. It might, for instance, permit a museum to re-direct more staff to supporting income-generating activities.

Additionally, if your museum or gallery maintains a merchandising area, this technology can be used to direct visitors’ attention to sales in the museum or gallery store, and to products or souvenirs which hold particular interest to visitors.

Learn the Benefits

Many museums and galleries today seek new avenues for enhancing efficiency, improving profit margins and reducing overhead. iBeacon solution operates in a wide variety of capacities that assist these goals. It offers art institutions a wide array of benefits, such as:

  • Supplying visitors with useful information about exhibit schedules, fees and programs in any part of the facility;
  • Helping visitors locate sites within the facility;
  • Providing a rich visitor experience;
  • Gathering feedback from visitors in a non-intrusive way;
  • Increasing revenue in an affordable, accessible and scalable way.