iBeacon Solution for Shopping Malls

Introducing iBeacon Solution for Shopping Malls Innovative iBeacon technology sets a new marketing standard for retail stores and shopping malls. This cutting...

Introducing iBeacon Solution for Shopping Malls

Innovative iBeacon technology sets a new marketing standard for retail stores and shopping malls. This cutting edge system permits merchants to deliver highly tailored and contextualized promotions to shoppers in real time, as they browse the stores.

Apple’s revolutionary marketing concept depends upon wireless data flows between small, battery-powered beacon transmitters mounted in the retail environment and a merchant’s application downloaded and installed on a shopper’s smartphone.

The manner in which iBeacon system functions can easily be understood through a simple analogy with a lighthouse. Just as a lighthouse emits light signals which are detected by passing ships, beacon hardware emits signal that can be received by anyone carrying a Bluetooth enabled mobile device with an activated mall application. Moreover, as a lighthouse guides vessels around the coast, iBeacon technology directs shoppers towards items and areas of interest to them.

How the Process Works

The operation of iBeacon system involves the following steps:

  1. Deploying beacons at strategic locations within the shopping mall;
  2. Designing and scheduling marketing campaigns through an iBeacon management console;
  3. Inviting shoppers to download and install the mall’s app on their mobile devices;
  4. Delivering promotional alerts, product data and other information to customer’s smartphone screens when the signal is received;
  5. Leveraging customer-engagement insights obtained through the management console to improve marketing strategies and serve customers more efficiently.

Case Examples

iBeacon technology allows malls to provide support to an array of their business activities. This powerful marketing solution enhances retail environment, improves customers’ shopping experience and assists customers in a number of ways. Just consider some of these applications:

  • Encourage prospective customers who have downloaded the app to enter the mall;
  • Welcome visitors with personalized greetings;
  • Supply information about the location of sites within the mall;
  • Furnish customized promotions, offers and product reviews;
  • Offer time-specific and location-specific deals;
  • Highlight events, such as new store openings;
  • Promote greater customer interest using loyalty programs;
  • Enrich shopping experience with fun digital treasure hunts, games and other user-friendly content;
  • Provide personalized information about transport links from the mall.


The power of iBeacon system emerges most clearly when marketers consider the promotional advantages it adds to mall’s retail and shopping communities:

Benefits for shopping malls:

  • Supplying marketing assistance in all parts of the facility;
  • Promoting sales, cross-sales and other revenue enhancing programs in a cost-effective manner;
  • Minimizing technical expenses;
  • Increasing footfall traffic;
  • Improving shopping-to-sales conversion rates;
  • Discretely collecting valuable data about customer shopping behavior.

Benefits for shoppers:

  • An information-rich shopping experience;
  • The ability to obtain personalized deals and promotions;
  • Assistance with navigating the mall.

With so many long term benefits, iBeacon system gives marketers an unprecedented opportunity to develop loyal and highly responsive customer relationships. As they learn more about a visitors’ interests, goals and preferred shopping locations, they can direct offers that will be genuinely appreciated, reflect on higher level of shopper engagement and finally translate into rising profits for both merchants and the retail venue.