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Museums FAQ What is Snapinfo app for museums? Snapinfo app for museums enriches the experience of visitors by turning their...


Museums FAQ

Snapinfo app for museums enriches the experience of visitors by turning their smartphones into their personal guides.

Snapinfo museum app provides text, pictures, audio tour or video guide – in any combination to engage visitors as they peruse exhibits in the museum. The Snapinfo museum app helps visitors easily find exhibits, cafeteria and other places of interest in the museum right on their fingertips. In addition to exhibits, the app supports Events, Announcements and Offers. Visitors can mark exhibits, events, announcements and offers as favorites to easily access them at a later point in time.

Leveraging beacon technology, exhibit information can be shown on smartphones as visitors approach the exhibit, menu as visitors enter the cafeteria, or a welcome message as visitors enter the museum. The possibilities are endless with beacon technology and customizable workflow provided by Snapinfo museum app.

The app will be your visitors personal tour guide without you having to hire any additional resources or purchase any other hardware. Using mobile technology to provide enriching experience to visitors not only will enhance the experience of your visitors, but the visitors in turn will recommend your museum to their friends on social media providing you much higher return on investment with Snapinfo app.

Leveraging latest smartphone and beacon technology, the app is driven by content and workflow maintained in web admin module. The Snapinfo app customization is designed to be self-service with both data and workflow customizable by the museum. No programming is required to customize the app. Snapinfo provides training for museum content editors and admins to get maximum value from Snapinfo smartphone app.

Yes, the Snapinfo app can be branded under your museum name. We will build a separate app under your museum name using our existing platform. You will have all the functionality that we currently offer and we will update your branded app when we update our app.

The app is designed to be configurable out of the box without any programming. But we understand that each museum is different and there may be specific needs. In that case, we take our existing platform and add functionality specific to your requirements. Customization effort will still be less in this case as we will add your requirements on our existing platform rather than starting from scratch.

A Wi-Fi connection is helpful where visitors can download the app, perhaps near ticketing. Other than that, the text data and images are not data intensive. For example, an image less than 50 kb renders pretty well on even large smartphone screen. Audio and video files will be bigger in size depending upon duration of audio and video tours.

Snapinfo provides Admin and Content Editor user roles so that museum authorized users can securely manage data in web admin module. Snapinfo app pulls data directly from the cloud in real time on as needed basis.

Snapinfo supports electronic data exchange (EDI) by which we can upload your data to our platform once or on ongoing basis. Once data mapping is done, we can setup the import process to be daily, weekly or monthly as needed.

Content is setup by museum authorized users in web admin module. As visitors use the application, content is pulled directly from the cloud in real-time. Any changes made in web admin module are reflected immediately on visitors’ smartphones.

Snapinfo app pulls data from the cloud in real time that was entered in web admin module. There is no large database that needs to be downloaded on smartphone. As content is pulled from cloud on as needed basis, Snapinfo app can run on limited smartphone memory.

The app data hosted in the cloud can only be managed by authorized museum users. Museum Admin user is responsible for setting up additional Admin and Content Editor users. Content Editor users will generally be responsible for maintaining content in the cloud.

There are hundreds of thousands of apps on the app store but only one that provides rich content about your museum. When visitors are visiting your museum, they will appreciate engaging experience provided by Snapinfo app. A visible notice, perhaps near ticketing office with a Wi-Fi connection, should be all that you will need for your visitors to download the app. Once downloaded, visitors will experience your museum in a much more enriching way than they ever had in the past.

Consumers today consume online content via multiple devices – laptop, iPad and iPhone. Website experience is optimized for laptops and iPads. Though websites now-a-days render well on smartphones, they are not designed for smartphones and that is the main reason that people primarily consume content in apps on smartphones, browser on laptops, and mixture of browser and apps on iPads. What differentiates smartphones from other devices is that consumer will more likely be in micro-moment while using smartphone, which could be the moment they are deciding what to do in the town they are visiting, standing in line to purchase museum ticket and deciding which exhibits to see, or perusing exhibits in your museum and trying to learn more about them.

You can not only enhance your visitors experience with enriching content as your visitors peruse your exhibits, you can also help them find exhibits, cafeteria and other places of interest with your venue map right on their smartphone.

This technology is being used by multitude of industries and organizations.

Click on the link to see CNET report on beacon technology: CNET report on beacon technology.

Consumer Electronic Show, the largest consumer electronics conferences, used 800 beacons to engage visitors and help them navigate the conference space in 2016 conference held in Las Vegas.

Major League Baseball has installed beacons in 28 out of 30 stadiums to transmit relevant information such as coupons for the fan shop to help fans find deals and other points of interest based on their location within the stadium.

Miami International Airport is using beacons to provide precise information on flight delays, arrivals and boarding times to passengers around particular gates in the airport. Virgin Atlantic is providing similar service at London Heathrow Airport.

Apple is using beacons to provide welcome messages and Genius bar appointment notifications whereas Macy’s is using beacons to provide department deals to shoppers based on their location in the store.

Both Detroit Auto Show 2016 and San Diego International Auto Show 2016 used beacons to engage visitors with specific calls to action. Offers for test drives and gift cards drawings, were most effective at getting users to click over to whatever promotion the brand was running. Beacon transmissions like these earned a conversion rate of 35 percent at the auto show, while weaker performers tallied rates around 5 to 10 percent.

As a museum, you are providing educational content to your visitors for the most part. But this is also an opportunity for call to action, to consider annual pass while they stand in line to purchase the ticket, or make them aware of promotions at the gift shop as they approach the gift shop, or recommend other places in town as they are leaving the museum requesting reciprocation from other local institutions.

If you are not leveraging mobile technology, you are probably not maximizing your visitors’ experience. You have information on your website but it is generally inconvenient for visitors to access on their mobile devices when they are in your museum. The audio listening devices were a great technology feat in 1980s but not so in 2010s.

With current mobile technology, there are many opportunities to enhance visitors’ experience that Snapinfo app enables you to do. You can provide rich information to visitors as they peruse exhibits in your museum, provide upcoming events, museum map or cafeteria location right on their fingertips, gift shop offers as they approach gift shop, or show menu as they enter cafeteria or stand in the line. The possibilities are endless in ways you can enhance your visitors’ experience.
Snapinfo app allows you to enter unique promotion ids for mobile platform that you can track in your POS system for effectiveness of mobile gift shop offers or membership drives.

Snapinfo uses industry standard 256-bit HTTPS protocol to encrypt communication between your computers and web admin module for content management and smartphones and web admin module for displaying content on smartphones. Web admin users get locked out after entering incorrect password after certain number of times. Strong passwords are enforced by web admin module.

Security is everyone’s responsibility. We ask you to do your part by using appropriate antivirus software, not share your passwords and use non-obvious passwords.

The app is currently supported on iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, SE, 6, 6S and Plus models. Android Phones and Tablets are supported on versions 4.4 and above.

Go to Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and search for Snapinfo or eMuseums, or click on iTunes or Google Play icon in Download App page. The app is a free download.

Leveraging latest smartphone and beacon technology, the smartphone app is driven by content and workflow customized in web admin module. Let us know your requirements and more than likely, the Snapinfo app might support your specific needs out of the box.

Contact Snapinfo representative at or 844.762.7463 (844-SNAP-INF) and they will help you setup on Snapinfo smartphone app for your museum.