Bringing Museums into 21st Century

Bringing Museums into 21st Century

For museums across the country, change is a relative term. A rotation of traveling blockbusters might keep footfall up, but there will always be exhibits that look much the same as they did a decade ago. Refreshing and enhancing your exhibitions — revolutionizing them so that they meet the expectations of the modern consumer — doesn’t need to involve huge capital outlays or operational changes.

Nearly two-thirds of US adult population now own smartphones. Whether visitors paid to see the latest traveling blockbuster or got in free on special days, they still want entertainment; an experience as engaging as it is educational. It’s a need Snapinfo’s iBeacons were designed to address, and they can offer institutions like yours a multitude of benefits with an out-of-the-box solution. Snapinfo’s cloud hosted solution has been developed specifically for the heritage sector, is considerably cheaper than a custom-made solution and can revolutionize your institute the day you take delivery of it.

Improved engagement

With the ability to target visitors in specific locations, iBeacon technology lets you turn every smartphone and mobile device into a personal tour guide. Visitors can unlock content specific to an entire exhibition or a single exhibit. They can view video, audio or photographic content, can access a map of the museum, browse the cafe menu or research a topic more thoroughly.

Beacon Proximity Notifications mean you don’t need to rely on visitors having prior knowledge of the system. These notifications, delivered via the beacons, show up as messages on a user’s phone. When the recipient taps on the message, the notification maps to rich information about an exhibit, event, announcement or simply a message. It’s a great way to welcoming patrons to the museum, or to make sure visitors don’t miss out on upcoming events.

Improved Services

With the ability to display museum-wide announcements on the homepage of the app, and an integrated comments feature that allows visitors to leave feedback, improving your services has never been easier.

Snapinfo allows you to provide customers with a personal experience, encouraging a greater level of engagement and communication between your visitors and your museum. It shows that you value the experience of your visitors, are committed to improvements and in touch with their expectations. It shows that, no matter how old the history of your museum or the exhibits is, you are not afraid to break new ground with a cutting-edge experience.

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