Capture Analytics

Capture Analytics and Understand visitors If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. We provide the analytics and reporting...

Track where visitors go and what they do


Capture Analytics and Understand visitors

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. We provide the analytics and reporting tools you need to understand how visitors interact with the museum. You will know what they really want and can respond to provide an even better experience.

Social Sharing

Learn from instant statistics on social media activity revealing shares by date range, the gallery they were in and the exhibit they shared.

Visitor Footfall

We can track when visitors come in range of beacons providing you museum-wide visibility on how people navigate galleries and other places of interest.

Visitor Favorites

Get insight on the relative popularity of galleries, exhibits, events and promotions, by seeing what visitors put in their favorites during any timeframe.

Notification Logs

Track the reach and impact of your reengagement messages and promotions, which are sent out to visitors via scheduled push notifications.

Signups and Donations

See how many visitors joined your mailing list or donated. You also receive real-time notifications in your email for each signup or donation.

Polls and Surveys

Through location sensing, push notifications and other means, you can invite visitors to take custom polls and surveys getting easy answers to hard questions.

Visitor Feedback

Visitors can easily provide feedback through the app. Reports let you view their comments, suggestions and questions so that you can make their experience even better.


Learn from your Visitors

Rich Reporting

Provide better experience by measuring how visitors use the application.
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Visitor Analytics

Get analytics on how many people visited the exhibits, on what day time, or what device they used to access information.
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